It is with great sadness that the MLA bids farewell to Karen Colbron.  Today is her last day at WGBH after 12 years.  Karen came to WGBH from the BBC where she honed her skills as a researcher.  She began in the MLA as an archival researcher for American Experience productions such as Carter, Castro, and Victory in the Pacific, the latter two of which she was nominated for an Emmy.  Karen quickly became a core part of the MLA team managing and developing workflows and policies for our Digital Asset Management system.  She managed the launch of our website Open Vault and continued to oversee other Open Vault projects launching several new collections collections including the very impressive Vietnam collection.  Over the years Karen filled many other roles for the MLA and worked with many people across the foundation.  Her dedication to WGBH was incredible.  We will miss her dedication, her insight and expertise.  She is leaving WGBH to go back home to the UK, taking a position at King’s College overseeing a EU Presto4U project for digital preservation.  Please wish her well in the comments below, as she embarks on a new adventure.

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