Congratulations to Bob Dylan on his 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature!

For a refresher on the impact the singer-songwriter-poet has had on American music, politics, and culture, check out some of the original interviews from “Shakespeares in the Alley,” episode three of the acclaimed 1995 series Rock & Roll. “Shakespeares” looked at the influence of both Dylan and the Beatles on rock and roll, and at the depth and originality of Dylan’s songwriting.

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Al Aronowitz: “Bob will remain, see, to me, when I first met Bob I quickly fell in love with his work. I mean he became, I, I felt as if I was hanging out with somebody who was like a new Shakespeare, nobody had, to me nobody had done so much to change the English language since Shakespeare.”

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Al Kooper: “And sometimes Bob would start writing, and everybody’d just leave him alone in the studio. And we’d go ping-pong or eat or something, and he’d be in there, sometimes he’d sit in there for six hours writing a song.”

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Robbie Robertson: “And then pretty soon I realized, you know, when I talked about influences like he talked about influence, that it didn’t matter to him that much at all. He really didn’t care if we knew about what he had done in the past because he was thinking about something new anyway.”

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